About IKIZ

IKIZ Construction Co. Ltd. was established in 1968 located in Ankara, Turkey. As being one of the leading companies of Construction Sector in Turkey our company is now qualified and licensed as bidders to NATO Tenders whereas our company and its services are certified with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate.

Our very first governmental contract was Gokova-Koycegiz State Highway Project awarded by General Directorate of Highways in year 1969. The total amount of this project was 32.946.000.- Turkish Liras which was approximately 22M USD. Secondly in 1972, Dinar Karakuyu Lake Discharge Project awarded by General Directorate of State Water Supplies was successfully completed. The total amount of this project was approximately 7M USD.

The expansion of our construction capabilities continued with two more highway projects awarded by General Directorate of Highways. Ortaca-Dalyan Local Road (approximately 9M USD) was completed in 1976 whereas Milas-Bodrum Highway Project (approximately 28M USD) in 1978. Again in the same year, construction of Meydan-Bozdağ section of Afyon-Konya Railroad was completed to General Directorate of Railways in the amount of approximately 16M USD.

In 1982, our company was awarded Canakkale-Lapseki-Ayvacik State Highway project (approximately 35M USD) which our company became a distinguished company in highway construction in Turkey and consequently in 1986, we were awarded with a major highway project which was Caldiran-Dogubeyazit State Highway in eastern part of Turkey. The project itself was 110 kilometers in total length which was a part of renovation of ancient silkroad connecting Turkey to Iran. The total amount of this project was about 24M USD.


In 1993, our company has secured a new contract with General Directorate of Construction of Railways, Harbors and Airports to build a new apron and a runway in Dalaman International Airport. This project was implemented in 1998 in two separate phases having a total investment sum of 27M USD.

In 2002, a construction of a major sports complex in city of Mugla was completed followed by the repair of the main runway in Dalaman International Airport in 2003 which was approximately 2M USD.

In 2004, a new apron, concrete aircraft parking area was constructed in Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport in the amount of 2.5M USD which was further expanded with installation of a new Runway Approach Lighting System at the same airport.

In late 2004, our company was awarded a new contract by General Directorate of State Airports Administration to build a totally new runway at Gaziantep Airport. Although the initial duration of this project was estimated as 1.5 years by the Administration, the whole project was successfully completed in one year period fully serviceable with CAT-II Standards. The total amount of Gaziantep Project was approximately 26.5M USD. Currently, we have two major ongoing contracts in Turkey. One of them is the Renovation of Main and Second Runways of Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport (approximately 11M USD) operating with fully automatic SCADA-Remote Control Airport Ground Lighting Systems of ADB successfully installed and integrated by our engineers.

The second project is Adana Kozan-Mansurlu State Highway Project (approximately 32M USD).

The Work Completion (Experience) Certificates of all above mentioned project are exhibited in the enclosure.

With our expanding experiences on airport construction, we have established jointventures with some leading companies for improvement of Ground and Air Traffic Safety at airports. One of these products is a special mixture applied on airport runway pavements to prevent skidding of aircraft in heavy winter conditions especially icy conditions. Another one is the ILS System (Instrument Landing System) which enables approach and landing with minimum visibility at CAT-I and CATII Airports.